Domestic Freight Forwarder

Кариера / Свободни позиции / Domestic Freight Forwarder

*This role requires good English skills.

The freight forwarder is the key role in our Road Transport Business Division. This person makes sure that all our Clients’ goods are delivered to their destination in the shortest time and in the best conditions, while ensuring that all performance and quality standards are respected.For our Headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria we are looking for a Domestic Freight Forwarder.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Good command of English;
  • Previous experience in transportation – mandatory requirement;
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills;
  • Ability to read between the lines;
  • Stress resistance;
  • A real team player;
  • Motivated and ambitious.

The responsibilities of our future colleague:

  • Maintain the permanent contact with the clients and carriers;
  • Contact the transportation companies and negotiate the prices;
  • Plan and organize the international transportation routes;
  • Write the transportation orders;
  • Verify the documents accuracy;
  • Daily check of the truck position in the traffic;
  • Identify the best solutions to the transport problems.

We offer:

  • Rewarding salary packages and retention programs;
  • Internal and external training programs;
  • Personalized design for a motivating career path;
  • A people-centric organizational culture.

Ако отговаряте на изискванията и желаете да се присъедините към екипа на Гопет Транс, очакваме Вашата автобиография. Вашата кандидатура ще бъде разгледана конфиденциално, при спазване на изискванията на ЗЗЛД. Само одобрените по документи кандидати ще бъдат поканени на интервю.

Кандидатствайте по тази обява!

Позиция, за която кандидатствате: Domestic Freight Forwarder

Лична информация

Контакти за обратна връзка.

Позиция, за която кандидатствате: Domestic Freight Forwarder

Лична информация

Контакти за обратна връзка.


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