General Manager of Gopet – keynote speaker on Strong Partnerships at Logistika Conference

Dec 11, 2014News

Sustainable partnership relations, based on trust and support

On October 30th, 2014, Logistika magazine organized the second edition of their annual Logistics Business Conference. Main topic revolved around Effective strategies and best practices in Supply Chain Management. Experienced professionals from top Bulgarian logistics companies were among the speakers at this conference.

Gopet Trans’s General Manager, Mariana Hristova, was invited as a keynote speaker on the pannel dedicated to Partnership relationship in Supply Chain: right/on time choice, right solution.

The presentation highlighted core beliefs that transformed our company into a successful one with a solid share on the Bulgarian market and strong European presence. Know-how, capabilities and flexibility are at all times completed by the conviction to build a sustainable business. And sustainable businesses rely heavily on trust and mutual support towards clients, partners and people. Only in this climate transport solutions become effective, services diversify and coverage expands.