Gopet Trans ranks as 4th in Capital’s transportation companies chart

Jul 20, 2017News

Business publication Capital is publishing yearly a special edition dedicated to Top 100 Bulgarian companies from all industries, based on their 2016 financial results. The new ranking includes also GOPET TRANS on 81st position, 8 places up compared with 2015 ranking.

Ranking per industry shows GOPET TRANS as 4th company on transportation market, 2 positions up compared to 2015 results.

The publication has asked business related questions to relevant companies. As international transportation is a leading sector in the country’s economy, Peter Petrov, Executive Director GOPET TRANS, was invited to comment on current business topics. The most stringent challenges faced by this sector are the unbalanced import / export ratio leading to unprofitable transport rates, constantly changing requirements and regulations, and the lack of qualified drivers. While this has an impact on road services, they also led to a 20% growth of our intermodal services, explains Mr. Petrov. Based on a clear development strategy and backed-up by additional investment of BGN 2 million, the combined transportation accounts for approx. 8% of the company’s total revenues. Moreover, GOPET has expanded the endpoints where it delivers by train – northern France, Austria, and we will soon be adding end terminals to Poland.

In the interview, Mr. Petrov mentions also the natural extension of the transport services offered by the company to sea containers through the ports of Thessaloniki and Piraeus with destination to Middle East and Africa.