Keynote speaker at T&L Conference

Jun 22, 2018News

Gopet was invited to participate at Transport and Logistics 18 conference organized by and Enterprise magazine on June 21st. The event encourages a dialog between managers and specialist in the fields of transportation, freight forwarders, 3PL, vendors, couriers and distribution with leading lecturers.

Our CIO, Ivan Takev  took the floor to speak about Industrial IoT and its application in tnrasportation and logistics. He elaborated on how this technolgy could be used for improving the business processes in our industry and what would be its overall impact in supply chain.

Starting from Business process optimization(BPO) all the way to Business Process Automation(BPA) and how such techiques could be used in conjunction with IIoT.

As the leading Bulgarianfreight forwarding company Gopet always tries to stay on top of cutting edge technology.