Freight Forwarder, all secrets revealed

Aug 23, 2019News

We have a little saying around here that goes like this: „we are freight forwarders; what is your super-power?”

So, if you were wondering lately what does a Freight Forwarder do, we have our answer for you. Our colleague, Dimitar Chorbadzhiyski, sat down with and discussed all about what his job and work life in GOPET. Dimitar is part of our team since 2014. As you would expect, he started from the bottom, doing all the basics, and learning his way up.

Today, he is a Senior Freight Forwarder, working in our Spain Department. His story in GOPET is similar to so many others – great people, getting motivated by a dynamic job go grow and develop themselves day after day in a company where such opportunity is the common norm, not the exception.

If you want to know what have in common a major in Languages, a special effects technician and high-paced T&L industry, you can find your answers in watching the video below (Bulgarian content).