In tough times courage is all you need

Dec 18, 2020News

Our Christmas parties are a long tradition in GOPET, no matter of the countries we are in. We have always given special attention to this milestone. It is a good occasion to celebrate the year’s achievements, to have fun together, to share gifts and the Christmas spirit. And all of it in our very special GOPET way.

In normal times, besides the employees’ event, we organize also a Children party.

Then again, nothing is normal this year 😀. But our kids must definitely have their Christmas party and meet Santa. New times, new solutions, we said to ourselves and started organizing on an online event.

Divided into two age groups, the children participated in two parallel events – Christmas treasure hunt and The Magic Portal. The younger ones went through various map challenges until they reached the treasure chest guarded by a scary octopus. They successfully passed all of them and opened the treasure chest and found Santa’s lost tool. The older children successfully discovered the magic crystals with which to fight the evil forces and save Christmas. Finally, everyone gathered together to welcome Santa and greet him.

Conclusion: We had a lot of fun, dancing and gaming. And we can confirm it once more: there is nothing better than smiling children’s faces.