GOPET TRANS marks a growth of 33% and an annual turnover of 181 million euros for 2022

Apr 27, 2023Press Releases

Sofia, April 27, 2023.

GOPET TRANS estimates a 20% increase in the share of shipments delivered through intermodal transport by 2030. This is part of the company’s strategy, which reported an annual turnover of 181 million euros and a growth of 33% for 2022. The figures show a positive and sustainable trend, confirming the company’s leadership position in providing integrated solutions for road, air, sea, and intermodal transport. A number of geopolitical events in recent years have led to significant changes worldwide. New trade barriers emerged, and suppliers have become competitors, while the adaptability and resilience of the industry were severely tested by high inflation, volatile oil prices and skilled personnel shortages. The change in the legislation in the direction of sustainable (green) development, the growing expectations of customers and generational shifts have additionally necessitated the construction of new business standards and a rethinking of the strategy for the development of the sector.

By leveraging its many years of experience and accumulated expertise, GOPET TRANS has effectively turned the challenges that supply chains encountered during the crisis into a driving force for creating reliable, quality-driven, and efficient solutions.

GOPET TRANS was the first company to offer green transport and introduce intermodal solutions in Bulgaria back in 2013. Internal statistics show that since then, up to 2022, the company has transported a total of 565,000 tons of freight via train compositions, saving 207,000 tons of carbon dioxide. Interest in green transportation has increased in recent years, especially among companies that have regular deliveries and recognize the mission of protecting the environment.

New locations for air and sea transport

“Our goal is to offer our customers a variety of solutions, with the ambition to strengthen our presence in sea and air transport, where GOPET TRANS has already established itself as a recognizable and reliable partner. Earned trust and long-term partnerships are key for us. Our competitive advantages are flexibility and quick response as a result of our understanding of our clients’ business, their supply chains, and their unique needs,” said the company’s commercial director, Raya Rendakova.

In addition to decarbonization, the company plans to increase the use of electric and LPG trucks for domestic deliveries in Bulgaria and Greece to 50% by 2030. In this way, GOPET TRANS continues its mission to develop green solutions to support the reduction of carbon emissions in nature.

“We are aware that the industry we operate in has a great impact on the environment. Therefore, we plan to continue in this direction by increasing the number of our own intermodal units and supporting our partners to renew their fleets”, added the commercial director of GOPET TRANS.

More regular weekly departures for partial shipments

Due to economic uncertainty, the war in Ukraine and high inflation, industry experts report a decline in exports of goods and a contraction in orders since the beginning of 2023. In this dynamic situation, the trend continues towards the increased use of partial shipments, which are the preferred solution, regardless of the size of the companies. The company plans to expand the opportunities for its customers in this direction with new fixed weekly departures to various destinations in Europe.

A modern platform for cargo control and traceability

GOPET TRANS continues to invest in the development and improvement of software platforms related to providing control and tracking of shipments. This ensures better customer visibility and optimal predictability. In addition, the company’s IT team adapted and further developed a specialized German software to build a new “planning” system. It provides opportunities for optimal distribution of courses and minimization of empty kilometers of trucks, which has an additional beneficial effect on saving harmful emissions in the environment.

Attracting young talent

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, GOPET TRANS faces another key challenge related to the difficulty of recruiting new talents in the sector. This is particularly pressing when it comes to recruiting personnel with experience in freight forwarding and specific language skills, such as a combination of English with Polish, Turkish and Romanian. At the same time, the company’s annual 3-month internship program, now open for candidates, provides an opportunity for those starting their career path now.

GOPET TRANS integrates various programs and activities to support its employees wellbeing, with a focus in 2023 on updating and upgrading competencies in line with changes in the business environment and the needs and expectations of its clients.

With great experience and expertise in the sector, GOPET TRANS is ready to meet all challenges with a clear mission and strategy for its future development. The company will continue to work hard to achieve its goals, focusing on the specific needs, potential and capabilities of each individual client.

About GOPET TRANS: Founded in 1995 in Sofia, GOPET TRANS started as a freight forwarder, later transforming into a “one stop shop” provider of transport and logistics services. The company’s activity is subordinated to its vision, focus on the client and the dedication of a team of professionals. Today, GOPET TRANS is a leading provider of transport and logistics services in Bulgaria and a major regional player, with a strong local presence and activity in GreeceRomania, Poland, Spain, and from 2020 – also in Turkey.

It provides high-quality services to more than 5,000 Bulgarian and international companies in various industries. Offers ground road transport solutions with wide coverage in Europe and regular departures to Turkey and the Middle East; intermodal transport connecting Southern and Western Europe; global sea and air transport; as well as complete solutions for logistics, warehouse and distribution for Bulgaria and Greece. The GOPET TRANS team numbers around 350 employees, more than half of them in Bulgaria. The company’s expansion plans are aimed at further diversifying the services offered and achieving greater flexibility through continuous digitalization.

The company’s business philosophy is focused on providing solutions to support customers’ business. By supporting customers and partners in their development, GOPET TRANS achieves its sustainable growth.