More than 206 thousand tons of harmful emissions saved via intermodal solutions

Nov 9, 2023Press Releases

An investment of 2 million euros for new transport units was made only for 2023 by Gopet Trans, which marks 10 years since the organization of the first “green” transport in Bulgaria

Over 206 thousand tons of harmful emissions to nature were saved by shifting more than 565 thousand tons of goods from road to rail transport. This is reported by the leading transport and logistics company Gopet Trans, which marks 10 years since the introduction of intermodal transport solutions in Bulgaria. Since its first “greener” delivery in 2013, the company has developed a diverse network of setups, by successfully cooperating with railway operators and connecting Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Greece with the intermodal network of Central Europe, Germany and Benelux, Poland, Spain and England.

“Gopet Trans is the first company that successfully organized and developed combined deliveries from Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Greece to Central Europe and England. This attracted the attention of the business community and motivated us to gradually expand the network of destinations.  Polya Bocheva, Manager of Intermodal Transport at the company, shared this achievement. Gopet Trans implemented a project for its own block train between Bulgaria and Romania, which made us trusted business partner in the industry. Despite infrastructure challenges such as the lack of direct railway connections from Bulgaria, limited terminal processing capacity and more, in 10 years Gopet Trans has built an experienced and motivated team, specialized in creating customized solutions for customers.

“We implemented new directions that complemented our portfolio with another quality service. During this period, we steadily increased the number of owned and leased intermodal trailers and 45 HC containers, which enabled us to shift a significant amount of freight from road to rail. This gives advantages, prospects and quality to more and more customers who trust us and benefit from intermodal transport. Combined transport is safer, especially for long distances, provides regular capacity and results in fewer harmful emissions”, adds Polya Bocheva.

New challenges require unconventional solutions

Over the next two years, intermodal transport will face new challenges due to colossal infrastructure overhauls of rail infrastructure in Europe, the industry predicts. Planned repairs have already started in Germany, Hungary, and Romania, and are already impacting the service of train operators between Romania and Western Europe and reduce the number of trains and their capacity.

“These factors force us to redirect part of the freight back to the trucks on the road. The step is inevitable, as it is important for us to provide our customers with predictability in supply planning. However, we believe that this is the right direction despite this temporary setback. Once the works are finalized, we will be in the position to offer improved “green transport” solutions. Polya Bocheva is categorical on this.

The daily challenges in the infrastructure and the introduction of the Mobility Package constantly put transport companies to test, as they create several restrictions. In addition, the revised Combined Transport Directive is still awaited to regulate and promote the adoption of “green” transport solutions by businesses. Currently, work is being done to introduce new and modernized regulations to include the current EU goals for reducing the carbon footprint laid down in the European Climate Law, GOPET TRANS also shared.

Implemented investment projects and solutions

Today, GOPET TRANS is successfully expanding its network of destinations, striving to increase the frequency of deliveries, provide more services for businesses and limit the carbon footprint. In 2023 alone, the company made an investment of 2 million euro in intermodal trailers in Bulgaria and Romania, to be delivered by the end of this year.

Future plans and trends

In its long-term strategic plans, the company focuses on continued investment in the development of intermodal solutions, as they allow greater flexibility in terms of the use of road and rail transport. Transport is the circulatory system of the economy, and its dynamics are directly affected by all factors. In the conditions of two active geopolitical conflicts, it is difficult to make very optimistic predictions.

“However, we are becoming more innovative, and this gives us the opportunity to create new and safe freight flow routes. We will continue to expand the intermodal service because we are convinced that this is the right direction. We hope that with joint efforts, support, and long-term solutions in this field, we will develop intermodal transport in our country together with key stakeholders, such as authorities, clients and suppliers, Polya Bocheva also shares.


Founded in 1995 in Sofia, GOPET TRANS started as a freight forwarder, later transforming into a “one stop shop” provider of transport and logistics services. The company’s activity is subordinated to its vision, focus on the client and the dedication of the experienced team of professionals.

Today, GOPET TRANS is a leading provider of transport and logistics services in Bulgaria and a major regional player, with a strong local presence and active activity in Greece, Romania, Poland, Spain, and from 2020 also in Turkey. In terms of revenue, the company ranks first in Bulgaria and in the Top 15 in Romania. It provides high-quality services to more than 5,000 Bulgarian and international companies of different sizes and from different industries. Offers freight forwarding (road transport) solutions with wide coverage in Europe and regular transport to Turkey and the Middle East; intermodal transport connecting Southern and Western Europe; global sea and air transport; as well as complete solutions for logistics, warehouse and distribution for Bulgaria and Greece. The GOPET TRANS team numbers about 400 employees, half of whom are in Bulgaria. The company’s expansion plans are aimed at further diversifying the services offered and achieving greater flexibility through continuous digitalization.

The business philosophy of the company’s management is focused on providing business support solutions to clients. By supporting customers and partners in their development, GOPET TRANS achieves sustainable growth.