GOPET renews SQAS Certification with an overall score of 90%

Aug 4, 2023News

We have successfully completed the re-certification process under the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability) Assessment System. It was created in the 90s at the initiative of CEFIC (European Council of the Chemical Industry), with the aim of improving the level of safety during logistics operations. Designed specifically for logistics companies, the SQAS assessment examines aspects such as quality, safety, environment, ethics, and social responsibility of companies.

🏆 A Top Score: With an outstanding overall score of 90%, GOPET has proven its commitment to ensuring safe transportation services along our clients’ supply chains. Our dedication to delivering reliable services was once more recognized and validated through the rigorous SQAS assessment process. Our overall score significantly tops the European average of 73%.

🚧 Maximum scores (100) on four key items.

Risk Management, On/Off Site Emergency Preparedness and Response, Behaviour Based Safety, and Security have achieved a perfect score of 100%. Such results reflect our continuous commitment to safeguarding your cargo and ensuring smooth operations throughout the supply chain.

🧪 SQAS Scope: Our SQAS certification covers a wide range of industries, including the chemical sector. This certification demonstrates our capability and expertise in handling chemical cargo with utmost safety, compliance, and environmental consciousness. We take pride in offering reliable and tailored logistics solutions to companies operating in the chemical industry.

🤝 Trusted Partnerships: At GOPET, we value the strong partnerships we have built over the years. Working with key companies in the chemical sector, we have gained valuable insights and experience in meeting the unique requirements of this industry. Our collaborative approach ensures that we deliver value-driven solutions that align perfectly with our partners’ needs.

🌐 A Step Towards Sustainability: The SQAS certification reinforces our commitment to sustainability and responsible practices in the logistics realm. We constantly strive to contribute positively to the communities we serve.

We owe this incredible achievement to our dedicated team, whose expertise, diligence, and passion make GOPET the leading freight forwarding company it is today. This recognition motivates us to continue raising the bar and exceeding expectations in the freight forwarding industry.

We’d also like to thank our clients and partners for their continued trust in GOPET. We look forward to continuing our journey of success and excellence together.