We are celebrating 1 year of activity of the block train launched by Gopet

Jul 20, 2015News

First intermodal train between Ruse, Bulgaria, and Curtici, Romania, crossed the border on July 20th, 2014. Gopet organized and fully managed the block train which represented an important milestone of our B2UK project, introduction and management of rail connections between Eastern and Western Europe.

Flows on this route consolidated and allowed extensions of the line to Stara Zagora, as well as the introduction of a new Gopet block train between Curtici and Chiajna, Bucharest. Connection with Constanta Port terminal is also available.

Intermodal activities extended also to Western Europe to terminals such as Genk, Zeebrugge, and Duisburg, enabling us to offer to clients a wider mix of transportation solutions.

Development plans target connection between Stara Zagora, BG, and Istanbul, Turkey, as well as integration of terminals from Hungary, Austria and Italia in order to widen the rail coverage.

For more details, please contact our Intermodal Manager, Polya Bocheva at polya.bocheva@gopettrans.com.