Gopet expands warehousing facilities to +15.000sqm

Apr 25, 2014News

For the last few years Gopet ranked constantly in top 10 Romanian forwarding companies based on turnover. This represents a good indicator of business consolidation on the Romanian market and it was achieved by constantly expanding geographical coverage of the road transport services.

An important step made in 2014 represents a clear orientation towards services diversification with a strong expansion of warehousing facilities up to +15.000 sqm (built storage space) and +10.000 sqm of exterior platform.

Warehouse facilities based near Pitesti offer quick access to Bucharest via A1 highway. The geographical position offers also the conditions for developing a distribution hub for the entire Southern area of the country. Also, partnerships with logistics platforms in central and western Romania are on the way in order to create a strong distribution network.
Our logistics team is currently counting 35 members and it is rapidly growing.

Current offer covering warehousing and value added services deals with clients from retail and electronics areas.

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